Real-Life Ideas For Getting Started With Siri

siri-mainIntrigued by the cool ad spots with the celebrities using Siri in real life, but have yet to incorporate Siri into your own workflow?

Techmamma lines up some real-life ideas for getting started with Siri.


To talk to Siri, hold down the Home button and you’ll hear two quick beeps and see “What can I help you with? on the screen. Just begin speaking, using your natural speech pattern.


“Text Stephanie “I am running 15 minutes late. See you at 3.””

“Text Stephanie.”

What would you like the text to say?

“I am running 15 minutes late. See you at 3.”


“Remind me to call Chris at 6pm”

“Remind me to call Chris at 6pm tomorrow”

“Remind me to call Chris”

When would you like me to remind you?

“Tomorrow at 6pm”


How awesome would it be if the right reminders appeared at the right location? Like a reminder to buy an item at the grocery store, or a reminder to run a one-off errand the next time you’re at the dry cleaner’s because it’s down the block and will save you an extra trip? Siri can do that!

“Remind me to pickup dry-cleaning when I leave work.”

“Remind me to buy organic milk when I am at Whole Foods.”

“Remind me to email Sara Smith the proposal when I get to work tomorrow.”

Note: Siri needs to use your location to be able to pull this off. To check/enable, head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > and scroll down to Siri.


Add, move, delete and cancel items on your calendar. Send meeting invites to others. Search your calendar items. All with a little help from Siri.

“Add 2pm meeting with Stephanie to my calendar”

“Add meeting with Stephanie to my calendar at 2pm on October 2nd.”

“Move my 3pm meeting to 5:30pm”

“Send calendar invite to Debbie for a 7pm dinner on December 1st.”

“Reschedule my lunch with Diana to December 9th at noon.”

“When is Jeff’s birthday?”

“Show me my Wednesday”


When you have brain-like-popcorn, or ideas that seem to pop up while you’re driving, you can ask Siri to take a note. And once a note exists, you can add onto that note when new items occur to you.

“Make a note called Gift ideas for Jeff… Add Evernote Moleskine. Add Levenger Pen.”

“Add portable hard drive to my gift ideas for Jeff note”

“Put milk on my shopping list”


Siri can do a lot more to help capture actions, thoughts and events. Here are a some things to try:

  • Post to facebook
  • Post to twitter
  • Lookup directions: “Directions to DCA airport”
  • Find things nearby: “Where is the nearest Starbucks?”
  • Do math: “what is 18% of 55.39?”
  • Check weather for a destination: “What is the weather forecast for Costa Rica this weekend?”
  • Set timers. “Set timer for 20 minutes.” or “Wake me up in 1 hour”
  • Send an email
  • Check a sports score
  • Play a song or playlist


If you don’t want to feel like a dork using Siri via the speaker when you’re in public, you can set Siri to operate in “Raise to Speak” mode. This will allow you to talk to Siri just like you’re on a phone call and you will hear Siri through the ear piece rather than the speaker. Go to Settings > General > Siri to change that setting.

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