Apps: EasilyDo Personal Assistant for iPhone and Android

easilydo-aThe promise of pre-scheduling facebook posts was what drew me in to EasilyDo, but what earned my love was it’s ability to take care of small things to make my day easier, like automatically tracking my packages, checking traffic before my daily commute, and offering to create new contacts in my address book automatically when I start interacting with someone new.

So far, EasilyDo has taken care of 164 small tasks for me and saved me 3 hours and 5 minutes! EasilyDo has definitely earned home screen placement on my iPhone.


Important Concept: EasilyDo needs access to your “Digital Office” just like an assistant would need to your physical office. You  pick and choose which services you will connect with EasilyDo, and you  control specifically what kinds of things you would like it to handle within each service.



Location Based

  • easilydo-bCheck traffic for my daily commute and alert for issues
  • Monitor my calendar and alert me when to leave for meetings based on traffic
  • Join conference calls in 1-click
  • Send an “I’m leaving now” text when I leave the office
  • Pull the local weather report for today
  • Alert me to bad weather


From Email

  • Have EasilyDo monitor email for that important message I can’t miss
  • Pull out reservations from hotels, event services, airlines, and restaurants and add to calendar
  • Offer to save an address book contact when emails don’t have one stored yet
  • Pull out invitations to meetings and parties
  • Track packages
  • Remind when a bill is due
  • Pull out and file receipts
  • Clean out old calendar invite emails automatically


easilydo-dContacts (Address Book)

  • Clean up duplicate contacts
  • Offer to create new contacts from calls I make
  • Schedule happy birthday emails and attach electronic gift cards


  • Download free app of the week
  • Download free single of the week



  • Add facebook profile pics to my address book contacts automatically
  • Alert me to popular or important posts in my feed
  • Alert me to facebook friends’ birthdays

Facebook Note: I loved everything about the app EXCEPT the facebook integration.

The idea of having prescheduled Happy Birthday notes is great, until you see that it says posted via EasilyDo on the message (tacky!).

Luckily, you can still schedule those messages to go via email.


EasilyDo Builder

If you want to take EasilyDo further and customize an action or two, you can access the Builder page and personalize the tasks EasilyDo handles for you.


How to Get EasilyDo & Where to Go for More Information

Google Play (Android) FREE

iTunes Store (iPhone) FREE

EasilyDo Website





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