How to get your family photos onto your iPad

The iPad can make a great family photo album, provided it has your photos on it. 

iPhones are increasingly users’ primary camera, and much of the tech coverage has been focused on how to get photos off that device. This article by Gigaom is a great overview of options for placing photos on your iOS device – iPhone or iPad – to turn it into a robust family photo album.

  • The Camera Roll
  • Syncing from iTunes
  • Using Photo Stream
  • Using Shared Photo Streams
  • Using other photo sharing services
  • Portable Wi-Fi enabled albums & drives

Read the article here: How to get your family photos onto your iPad — via Gigaom.


WeMo: control your Christmas Tree Lights From Your iOS or Android device

Tech Mamma loves Christmas trees but she does not love having to wedge herself behind said tree to turn off and on the lights each day. Belkin has come to the rescue with the WeMo. Plug WeMo into the outlet, plug the string of lights into the WeMo, do a quick setup on the app and voila! Control the Christmas Tree lights from your phone or tablet, at home or away.

Of course WeMo can be used for all kinds of powered devices, appliances and utilities!

Cost: $60

Learn more at Belkin.

Tech Gift Idea for Artists, Designers and Sketchers: Sensu Brush

This gem is techmamma tested and approved. Turn your iPad, iPhone, or any touch screen device into an art studio. Paint, chalk, sketch – all with the feel of a real paint brush and the convenience of pixels.

It’s lovely to use, and downright fun. $40 for the sensu or $25 for the new sensu solo. Both worth every penny.

Tip: My BFF’s 5 year old also thinks this brush is magical and always asks to use it. Has saved many a long plane ride and makes those coloring book apps a little more fun.

Productivity Boost: One Web Browser For All of Your Devices

You’re on the go. Accessing the web from your phone, your iPad, that PC in the hotel business center, your mac in the office and your laptop at home. Did you know that it’s possible to have one web browser keep track of the open windows, tabs and saved bookmarks so you can access any of them from any device instantly?

Techmamma shows you how…

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Add This To Your Wish List: Jawbone Jambox Mini

Techmamma is a huge fan of Jawbone products. They make extraordinary headsets with noise canceling technology, and regularly show up on our gift picks for the holidays. Starting tomorrow you can pre-order the new Jambox mini ($179), a portable speaker (and speaker phone) that fits in your pocket. Stylish, for sure, with incredible sound so you can play music from your iPhone (or any bluetooth device) and our personal favorite feature is the ability to use it for conference calls that don’t sound like crap. 10 hour battery life will get you through a day, a party or an outing.  Add this one to your wish list!


What To Do When iPhone Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode Isn’t Working

iPhone Do Not Disturb ModeWe’ve assembled this iPhone DND mode troubleshooting guide to help out the many folks who are reporting that Do Not Disturb isn’t working as expected. Sometimes the trouble is technical, but more often than not it’s human error. So before we jump into the fixes, let’s calibrate the human side of the equation: expectations.

  1. iPhone DND Mode addresses phone calls only.
  2. When your iPhone is in DND mode, texts and alerts from EVERYONE are muted, even when you have allowed calls from certain contacts.For a more detailed explanation of how it works, see our post on How to use Do Not Disturb Mode on Your iPhone

Now on to the fixes…

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Apps: Replace the iPhone iCal App With Tempo Smart Calendar

tempo-review-calendarWe don’t love the iCal app on our iPhone, but we hadn’t found a lovable replacement that we would recommend to others until Tempo. After test driving Tempo for a few months for this app review, we think this is a great alternative to iCal on the iPhone.


The Tempo calendar design is lovely, with multiple views (list, day, week, and month) and the striking agenda view with a weather bug, customizable header image, generous white space and easy-to-scan type. Where this app really shines though is in its smarts, as it learns to be a smart assistant and anticipate your needs.


In order to get the most out of Tempo, you need to give it access to your email and social media accounts, not unlike our recently reviewed EasilyDo app. By doing so, Tempo can scan through your accounts to connect emails, documents, LinkedIn profiles and facebook profiles to the events on your calendar, so that you have all of that information a tap away.

tempo-siriAdding events to Tempo is a simple form, including the ability to invite others to the event (new as of late May 2013).

You can also use the well-integrated Siri features. This app comes from the smart folks who invented Siri, so it’s very Siri savvy.

We were particularly impressed with Tempo’s ability to learn and refine over time. It just got better and better at assisting us with those little edges that fray the day.


tempo-documentsFor a scheduled meeting, Tempo will gather the related emails and documents and attach them to the calendar, so the agenda, powerpoint or proposal is easy to access, even from your iPhone.

You can also easily browse through emails related to the meeting, which is extra helpful when you’re heavy email users like we are.

LinkedIn profiles are on standby for all meeting attendees, which is great when you’re meeting with new people. And contact information for all parties is right there, so you’re not hunting and pecking through your phone.


tempo-extra-buttonFor conference calls, Tempo gives a hand as it adds buttons to your phone screen with the  conference call access codes ready to dial. There is nothing worse than having to toggle back and forth between calendar window and dial pad window to enter your access code, and Tempo eliminates that pain!


When things go wrong, like you’re running late or the meeting you’re in is running over and will make you late for the next one, Tempo helps you out by offering to text, message or call the attendees for your meeting.


tempo-flightsTempo’s smarts don’t end at meetings.

  • Tempo recognizes flights booked on the calendar and will pull flight status directly into the calendar.
  • It looks at event locations and offers to help you find parking which is extra helpful if you’re headed somewhere you haven’t been before.
  • It reminds you of friends’ birthdays so you can avoid being the 11pm facebook well-wisher.