How to use Do Not Disturb Mode on Your iPhone

iPhone Do Not Disturb ModeIt’s time to use your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb Mode, for better sleep, more focused meetings and some quieter “me time”.

iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode: How It Works & What It Is

When you turn on DND Mode, the iPhone holds your calls, texts, and alerts. The screen doesn’t light up and the phone doesn’t beep, ding, ring or vibrate.

The same can be said of Airplane Mode, however, Do Not Disturb Mode allows urgent calls and pre-approved callers to ring past the DND setting.

iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode is available for devices running iOS 6+.

Are you having trouble with Do Not Disturb not working on your iPhone? Our DND Mode Troubleshooting Guide may do the trick.

Configuring the iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode

You won’t be surprised to hear that Do Not Disturb Mode can be found under your Settings app. It sits just a few lines below Airplane Mode. However, to customize your DND Mode settings head to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb.

  • Choose who to allow calls from, by selecting everyone, no one, favorites or a custom contact group you’ve already created.
  • Activate repeated calls, so that if someone NOT on your allowed list calls a second time in a 3-minute period, the call is allowed through.
  • Consider using the Scheduled option to set daily Quiet Hours so the phone will automatically activate Do Not Disturb Mode.

iphone-dnd-mode-iconWhen DND Mode is active, you will see a small crescent moon in the top center of your lock screen, and just to the left of  the clock on your unlocked home screen.

Do Clock Alarms work when Do Not Disturb Mode is enabled?

Yes. Tech Mamma tested this with an alarm set on the iPhone clock. Worked like a charm.

It is important to note, however, that other alarm clock / timer apps did not work while the phone was in DND Mode. YMMV – check the app documentation for details.

Can I still get texts while iPhone is in DND Mode?

No. The idea is to let you be undisturbed, so your phone holds back the world and only makes exceptions for emergency calls.

How are Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb Mode different?

Airplane mode disables the cellular data service on your phone, so no calls will come through. Airplane mode also allows you to turn on wi-fi, so any app that works over wi-fi is active, including alerts, texts (iMessage) and emails.

DND mode collects texts, alerts, emails and phone calls on your behalf until DND mode is turned off. DND mode gives you the option to allow emergency calls through, so you have peace of mind that if something important happens, your people can get a hold of you.

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